mercredi 28 novembre 2012

Leaving Øyer and heading to Sweden

Leaving Øyer in Norway…
Behind the map of the Øyer commune, you can see the glass door to the Church headquarters and administrative offices for the whole county. They occupy all the ground floor.
Øyvind is in charge there, together with other priests. He is based in Øyer and the bishop to whom he must report on his activities is a woman bishop...
The area where the building is standing is surrounded by woods and forests and an enchanting variety of wild plants and flowers.   
It's an overwhelming and beautiful environment, very serene and peaceful.
I don't know if I already mentioned it previously, Øyvind is a Lutheran priest (hence his clerical position),
For most Norwegians are originally Lutherans, and Øyer is his base.
But that's not his only quality or what mainly defines him, far from that... For he is so committed to freedom, justice and political liberation causes in general, that most his friends call him usually the "red priest".
Michel does as well, out of fondness and pure mischief also...

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