dimanche 2 décembre 2012

Every thing is fine

Going to see Anna, Kjettil and their farm
On the road between Øyer and Hedby in Sweden
A large round stone in a wooded space off the road
You can rest if you’re tired, or stretch,
Or just walk and look around,
It’s going to be a long trip
For Hedby and Joon Gardens are 500 kilometers away or so
It will take us around 5 hours to get there
Although Øyvind is an excellent driver, and fast
As we discovered when we hit the highway.

A big tree in bloom by the roadside,
Beautiful and unusual in its movement
I cannot tell its kind or its name,
It could be a cranberry tree.
Because its trunk is growing outside the woods, bent over the road,
You could think it is broken or weak
It’s not.
It’s so wooded around it’s kind of trying to escape being crowded,
Trying to get more space and sun
Its flowers are beautiful and young.
Its leaves are deep green
I like to think it’s greeting passers-by.

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