lundi 26 novembre 2012

Summer 2012 in hectic confused Beirut

Summer 2012 in hectic confused Beirut 
Feeling free and brave and adventurous
It’s a sort of respite in the shady vista I carry nowadays,
A break of a kind
It allows other feelings and desires
A breathing space I intend to deeply enjoy
I'll forget about what's eating me
I know I can do it totally...
I’ll go north one more time
Together with Michel
Oslo, Lillehammer, Øyer indeed,
To share with Øyvind and our Norwegian friends
Then Sweden also, I know very little about Sweden
Dalarna, Falun, Djura, Hedby in Djura and Joon Gardens in Hedby
All these words don't give way to any image in my mind
Not yet...
We’ll also visit Anna and her farm
Joon Anna, as the villagers say
In the village of Hedby…
But first, we'll go to Oslo
To the Literature House
Where we'll have a seminar
About the Arab Spring and its repercussions on the Palestinian cause
Many Arab and Nordic academicians will also be there
Michel will have to give three lectures in three different academic and political settings.
We'll probably have to steal some days off and leave Norway in order to meet Anna in Sweden.

The Literature House in Oslo.

It's a very big house that occupies a large angle of an avenue whose name I forgot...
During the summer,  or when the weather allows it, an outside cafeteria at the top of wide stairs leads to a large coffee-shop and a bookshop on the ground floor;
A large reception space, administrative offices and a library on the 1st floor;
A big conference room on the 2nd floor where we held meetings and debates during three days. 

When you stand in front of the Literature Hose, there is a beautiful park where you can walk and sit and read or write. It's lovely, full of hidden spots and surprises, almost magic.  

Both photos below have been taken when I was leaving the Literature House.

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